New Participant in CES Dissertation Mentorship Program

The Census Bureau recently welcomed another participant into the CES Dissertation Mentorship Program.

David Schwegman is a PhD candidate in public administration at Syracuse University using the American Housing Survey (1984-2005) to examine the effects of New York State’s Homestead Tax Option on rental housing costs and property maintenance. He is working at the Cornell RDC. Matthew Street, chief of the AHS branch, will serve as his mentor.

David is their 41st participant in the program, since they launched it in 2008.  See below for the full list.

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Questions about the CES Dissertation Mentorship Program should be addressed to:

Randy A. Becker
Center for Economic Studies
U.S. Census Bureau

Nicholas Powers (University of Michigan)
Toxic Pollution Disclosure and Plant Location Decisions
Mentor:  Randy Becker
Visited CES in September 2009.
Initial placement: The Brattle Group, Washington DC, 2010.

Jeff Larrimore (Cornell University)
The Impact of Changing Earnings Distributions and Household Characteristics on US Income Inequality Trends since 1967
Mentors:  BK Atrostic and Emily Isenberg
Visited CES in September 2009.
Initial placement: Joint Committee on Taxation of the U.S. Congress, 2010.
Current position: Federal Reserve Board of Governors, 2014.

Brigham Frandsen (MIT)
The Treatment Effect of Unionization on the Distribution of Wages
Mentors: Javi Miranda and Kristin McCue
Visited CES in November 2009.
Initial placement: Harvard University, Robert Woods Johnson Foundation’s Scholars in Health Policy Research Program, 2010.
Current position: Department of Economics, Brigham Young University, 2012.

Corey Lang (Cornell University)
The Dynamics of Air Quality Capitalization and Locational Sorting in the Housing Market
Mentor:  BK Atrostic
Visited CES in October 2010.
Initial placement: Department of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, University of Rhode Island, 2011.

Joshua Mitchell (Harvard University)
Microfoundations of Aggregate Labor Demand for Skill
Mentors:  Kristin Sandusky and Kevin McKinney
Initial placement: Urban Institute, 2011.
Current position: Social, Economic and Housing Statistics Division, U.S. Census Bureau, 2014.

W. Reed Walker (Columbia University)
Transitional Costs of Policy: Evidence from the Clean Air Act and the Workforce
Mentors:  Erika McEntarfer (and Randy Becker)
Visited CES in December 2010.
Initial placement: Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley, 2012.

Matthew Backus (University of Michigan)
Why Does Competition Make Firms More Efficient?
Mentor:  Randy Becker
Visited CES in October 2011.
Initial placement: Department of Economics, Cornell University, 2012.

Katie Moon (University of Maryland)
Buy a Whole Firm or Purchase Assets? Evidence from Target’s Tax Attributes
Mentors:  CJ Krizan, Javier Miranda, and Randy Becker
Initial placement: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, 2012.

J. Adam Cobb (University of Michigan)
Employee Turnover and the Retirement Plans
Mentors:  Henry Hyatt and Alice Zawacki
Initial placement: Management Department, Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, 2012.

Joel Melendez-Lugo (University of Houston)
Geographic Deregulations of U.S. Banking, Market Selection, and Economic Growth
Mentors:  Cheryl Grim and CJ Krizan
Initial placement: University of Houston, 2012.

Christopher Clapp (University of Virginia)
Should My Car Move or Should We? An Intra-Household Model of Residential and Commuting Choices
Mentors:  Todd Gardner and Mark Kutzbach
Visited CES in August 2010.
Initial placement: Department of Economics, Florida State University, 2013.

Aaron Elrod (George Washington University)
Environmental Regulation and Product Mix: Evidence from the Census of Manufacturers
Mentors:  Randy Becker and Shawn Klimek
Visited CES in March 2011.
Initial placement: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.
Current position: The University of the South, 2013.

Andrew McCallum (University of Michigan)
Entry Costs and Increasing Trade
Mentor:  CJ Krizan
Visited CES in December 2012.
Initial placement: Federal Reserve Board of Governors, 2013.

Chris Cronin (University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill)
A Dynamic Sequential Model of Health Insurance and Medical Care Consumption Decisions
Mentor:  Alice Zawacki
Visited CES in December 2011.
Initial placement: University of Notre Dame, 2014.

Ryan Monarch (University of Michigan)
Evidence and Estimation of Switching Costs in U.S. Importing
Mentor:  Fariha Kamal
Visited CES in September 2013.
Initial placement: Federal Reserve Board of Governors, 2014.

Tanya Byker (University of Michigan)
Education, Work and Parenthood in the United States from 1984 to 2012
Mentor:  Barbara Downs
Initial placement: Middlebury College, 2014.

Christopher Kanter (University of Wisconsin – Madison)
Assessing the Performance of Cooperative Enterprise in U.S. Agricultural Markets
Mentor:  Kirk White
Completed program in June 2015.

Aaron Flaaen (University of Michigan)
The Domestic Labor Market Effects of U.S. Multinational Activity
Mentor:  Kristin McCue
Visited CES in June 2014.
Initial placement: Federal Reserve Board of Governors, 2015.

Augustus Anderson (University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill)
Patterns of Residential Settlement, Distribution, and Locational Attainment in the United States: 1970-2000 and Beyond
Mentors:  Trent Alexander, Kirk White, and Bethany DeSalvo
Visited CES in June 2015.
Initial placement: U.S. Census Bureau, 2015.

Christopher Taylor (University of Wisconsin – Madison)
Understanding Cooperative Organizations
Mentor:  J. David Brown
Initial placement: University of Mount Olive, 2015.

Oren Ziv (Harvard University)
Urban Density, Firm Sorting, and Agglomeration
Mentor:  Randy Becker
Initial placement: Michigan State University, 2015.

Matthew Sveum (University of Missouri – Columbia)
Effects of Organization Structure and Governance on Retail Establishment Productivity
Mentors:  Emek Basker and Javier Miranda
Visited CES in November 2014.
Initial placement: University of Missouri (postdoctoral fellowship), 2016.

Isaac Sorkin (University of Michigan)
Displaced Workers and Displacing Firms
Mentor:  Henry Hyatt
Visited CES in March 2015.
Initial placement: Stanford University, 2016.

Craig Carpenter (Michigan State University)
Immigrant Entrepreneurship with a Focus on Latino Entrepreneurship
Mentor:  Javier Miranda
Initial placement: Texas A&M University, 2016.

Lawrence Warren (University of Iowa)
Part-time Employment and Firm-level Demand over the Business Cycle
Mentor:  Emin Dinlersoz
Initial placement: Center for Economic Studies, U.S. Census Bureau, 2016.

Alecia Cassidy (University of Michigan)
Investment in the Heat of the Moment: Heating and Cooling Upgrades in Response to Extreme Weather
Mentors:  Danielle Sandler & Melissa Chow
Completed program in 2017.

Bryan Stuart (University of Michigan)
The Effect of Economic Decline on Children
Mentor:  Martha Stinson
Visited CES in June 2016.
Initial placement: George Washington University, 2017.

Patricia Angle (Georgia Tech)
IT Investment, E-Commerce, Productivity, and Supply Chain Partners
Mentor:  Cheryl Grim
Visited CES in April 2016.

Sherry Wu (Duke University)
Rise of Chains Meets Online Competition: A Tale of Two Forces in Bookstore Retail
Mentor:  Emek Basker
Visited CES in November 2016.

Mike Zabek (University of Michigan)
Implications of Local Ties in Spatial Equilibrium; Housing Inequality
Mentors:  Todd Gardner & Mark Kutzbach
Visited CES in March 2017.

Avishai Schiff (University of Texas at Austin)
The Effects of Labor Mobility on Firm Capital Structure
Mentor:  Kristin McCue
Visited CES in March 2017.

Laurel Wheeler (Duke University)
The Incidence of a Local Labor Demand Shock with One-Sided Migration: American Indian-Owned Casino Gambling
Mentor:  Martha Stinson
Visited CES in October 2017.

Audrey Guo (Stanford University)
The Effects of Unemployment Insurance Taxation on Firm Behavior
Mentor:  Larry Warren
Visited CES in March 2018.

Dominic Smith (University of Minnesota)
Foreign Sourcing and Concentration in the Retail Sector
Mentor:  Emek Basker
Visited CES in May 2018.

Parag Mahajan (University of Michigan)
Do Shocks Abroad Shift Supply Curves in the United States?
Mentor:  Eric Jensen

Benjamin Hyman (University of Pennsylvania)
Firm Mobility and the Welfare Effects of Location Subsidies: Evidence from a Large-Scale Tax Credit Lottery and Supplier-Linked Firm Data
Mentors:  Emek Basker & Mark Kutzbach

Ben Lipsius (University of Michigan)
The Falling Labor Share, Profits, and Labor Market Power
Mentor:  Emin Dinlersoz

Kate Willyard (Texas A&M University)
Organizational Characteristics, the Characteristics of Organizational Institutional Environments, and Texas Oil and Gas Venting and Flaring Practices
Mentor:  Randy Becker

Brenden Timpe (University of Michigan)
Short-Term Disability Insurance and the Long-Run Effects of Maternity Leave
Mentor:  Lori Reeder

James Gaboardi (Florida State University)
A Polygon-Based Approach to Spatial Network Allocation: Optimal Facility Location Modeling and Network Analysis
Mentor:  Brad Foster

David Schwegman (Syracuse University)
The New York State Homestead Tax Option: Tax Incidence and Equity
Mentor:  Matthew Streeter



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