RDC Proposal Guidelines

To perform research within the NYRDC requires the development and approval of a proposal. Proposal guidelines for Census RDC data projects can be found at the Center for Economic Studies web page. It is important to contact the Baruch, Cornell , or Yale RDC Administrator early about your prospective project to help you navigate the process and answer your questions. The FSRDC research proposal process outlines the steps to get started.

Census Bureau Proposals

All proposals for conducting research using Census confidential data inside the NYRDC are reviewed on the basis of five major criteria:

  • Benefits to Census Bureau
  • Scientific Merit
  • Need for Non-Public Data
  • Feasibility
  • Risk of Disclosure

Outline of Steps in Proposal Submission

The proposal review process is lengthy and rigorous, and the administrator can assist researchers in determining data availability and in preparing worthy proposals.

  1. Read RDC research proposal guidelines at https://www.census.gov/content/dam/Census/programs-surveys/center-for-economic-studies/Research_Proposal_Guidelines.pdf.pdf file
  2. Discuss your project with an RDC Administrator.
  3. Proposal Registration Formrtf file
  4. Work with the RDC Administrator in developing your final proposal.

Partnering Agency Proposals

The proposal process for projects that use NCHS, AHRQ, or BLS data is determined by the partnering agency. Please see https://www.census.gov/about/adrm/fsrdc/about/available_data.html.

Please contact the RDC Administrator at the location where the work will be conducted prior to the submission of a proposal to a partnering agency. Upon receiving indication of approval by the partnering agency, email a copy of the approval and proposal to the RDC Administrator.

Note: Proposals to use Census Bureau confidential data in conjunction with partnering agency data must meet Federal Statistical RDC guidelines and go through the Census review process in addition to partnering agency review.

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